Using a Lawyer for Your Property Sales

While you may be thinking that it is only important to have a real estate lawyer when you’re purchasing a home, it is equally important to have the same expertise when selling. It is a common practice for buyers and sellers to only use a lawyer for the real estate transaction when they are closing the deal.

A better approach is to have a real estate lawyer review the sales transaction, as quite often they will include additional clauses in the sale contract for your protection. Your real estate agent plays an important role in helping you to find potential buyers and will be pretty astute at drawing up the contracts. However, an added protection is having a lawyer that specializes in property sales review these. They are aware of any potential problems that may be surfacing and also will know of new laws that may affect the deal.

There are times when something can go wrong with the close and the lawyer that is acting on your behalf as the seller is there to protect your interests. A possibility could be that there are potential liens on the home that you were not aware of which could affect the potential sale. It takes a legal professional to be able to deal with these quickly and to ensure that they are not going to affect the sale.

As a seller of the property, by the closing date there will be different types of expenses concerning the home that will have to be cleared and it will be the responsibility of your lawyer to ensure that this is done. This is something that the buyer’s lawyer will insist upon. To make sure that the sale goes through without any problems, your lawyer will take on the closing responsibilities on your behalf. Having a good lawyer for your sale also ensures that you are protected from the buyer trying to come back with any claims after the purchase has been finalized.